DOMA Kitchen in Redondo Beach

Posted by on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at 2:10pm.

If you’ve spent any time in Redondo Beach, you’ve probably heard little rumblings about DOMA Kitchen. DOMA is a small café in Redondo Beach that has gained an almost cult like following from locals and out-of-towners alike.

We sat down with owners Angie Lorrente and Stan Mayzelis to get a little inside perspective into DOMA Kitchen. They’re a husband and wife team that started DOMA to create an oasis in the heart of Redondo. Angie and Stan have focused on creating a “Glocal” menu for their patrons. Chef and partner Kristina Miksyte is from Lithuania and her farm-to-table European training is reflected in her delicious dishes.

Angie and Stan pride themselves on serving fresh, natural and tasteful foods on their menu. Angie’s background in fashion has helped her shape DOMA and its artsy environment. With his background in building and construction, Stan oversees the operational side of the business. He also worked on the creation and ultimate build of the final restaurant space.

The partners at DOMA pride themselves on supporting unique talents and artistic expression which becomes apparent the second you step foot into the café/dining space. Their staff consists of artists and graphic designers that become part of influencing the dynamic dining area.

DOMA means home in Slavic languages. The name was inspired by Angie and Stan’s extensive travels around the world, where everyone was so welcoming, making both of them feel right at home.

Stan and Angie moved to Redondo Beach over a decade ago and instantly fell in love. They mentioned how amazed they were at finally finding their home. To celebrate the local community, DOMA Kitchen gives back to schools, displays work from local artists, hosts local charity events and serves at the Blue Zone project healthy eating fairs.

When I asked Stan and Angie what motivates them, Angie said “…All three of us (Angie, Stan & Chef Kristina) love to create! DOMA Kitchen allows us the freedom to create unique dishes in the ever-evolving artsy setting, for a totally awesome experience for us and our costumers. You can taste and see the love we put in our food and restaurant!”

If you’re looking for a true dining experience, head over to DOMA and mention you read our blog for a complimentary iced tea with purchase!

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