Comparing Manhattan and Manhattan Beach

Posted by on Monday, August 26th, 2013 at 8:07am.

Manhattan Beach - Image Credit: you ever wondered how similar Manhattan, NY is to Manhattan Beach, CA? With a similar name, you might wonder if Manhattan Beach received its' name in part because of the similarities of the two. There are some similar features, but overall, these are two very different areas of the United States.

California and New York are on opposite sides of the country and provide a very different environment for residents. Manhattan Beach has better parks with an intimate feel. Sure, Central Park in New York is great, but it doesn't provide the same feel as the smaller Manhattan Beach parks, such as Pollywog Park.

The restaurant scene is very popular in both areas and Manhattan Beach is just a smaller version of Manhattan when it comes to restaurants. Both feature many styles with different cuisines from around the world. Some of the favorites are very similar, and foodies travel from all over the world to enjoy food in both locations.

The homes are quite different, but both of the Manhattans provide luxuries you don't find in every city. With an ocean close to both locations, it's easy to see the appeal of either Manhattan, but Manhattan Beach has a warmer year-round climate and provides better beaches. Walking along The Strands provides proof of the amazing homes and as great as Manhattan, New York is, most residents of Manhattan Beach far prefer their Manhattan.

It all comes down to preference and if you plan to relocate to Manhattan Beach, you will find it's a great place for families and for those in love with the California lifestyle. Most residents are far more laid back than those in Manhattan, New York and the overall feel isn't nearly as stuffy. The beach atmosphere is relaxing and provides a way of life you just don't find in New York.

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