A Monthly Pre-Fixe Dinner Worth Every Penny

Posted by on Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 at 9:46am.

Pre-Fixe dinners often provide a great chance to get to know a new restaurant. You pay one price for a three or four course meal, from a limited menu. Sometimes, this meal is already set and all you have to do is pick the meat of your choice. One of the best pre-fixe dinners, held every month, in the South Bay area comes from Gaetano’s Restaurant.

This restaurant is family owned and operated with plenty of great choices from different parts of Italy. The pre-fixe dinner here is four courses and varies depending on the month. Most recently, they provided the Sicilia Regional Dinner. This four-course dinner consisted of an appetizer with roasted red pepper, cherry tomatoes, red onion, fresh mint and garlic.

A great example of how less can be more, this appetizer wasn't overly filling and was the perfect start to the meal. After the appetizer, the first course was brought out, which consisted of Spaghettini in a light anchovy sauce, topped with grated parmesan. This first course was excellent and cooked al dente. You couldn't taste the anchovy much, but just enough to make the dish perfect.

The next course consisted of a braised top sirloin with bacon, ricotta, artichoke hearts, green peas and eggplant. This vibrant plate provided a great choice for those looking for Grandma's cooking. The top sirloin was braised for five full hours before it was stuffed. The layers of flavor were quite amazing and the red sauce topping the dish was very complex.

Finally, Gaetano’s Restaurant finished the meal with a dessert course consisting of a cannoli shell with blood orange gelato. This was an excellent choice for dinner and provided the perfect finish to the meal.

The month of October will feature another pre-fixe meal from Gaetano’s, which will come from the Lazio region of Italy. Find out more information about this monthly dinner at: http://www.gaetanosonline.com.

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