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Realtor Designation Acronyms Ever wondered just what all those acronyms stand for on your real estate agent's business card? Then you may be interested in knowing that real estate agents are required to complete continuing education classes on a regular basis.

Many agents and brokers also earn specialty designations in a variety of related topics: Real estate law, property management, relocation service, appraisals and finance. These continuing education courses contribute to the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience that a broker calls upon to transact daily business, which can directly benefit their clients.

The initials may be impressive, but the training and the time involved in earning REALTOR® designations is even more valuable. For the best help you can get when

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Bad Home Inspection Report

Selling your home involves several steps, from selecting the right real estate professional to preparing for showings and dealing with various obstacles. A common obstacle many home sellers face is dealing with the buyer's bad home inspection report.

What can and should you do as a home seller when a home inspection report comes back loaded with negative items? You have options -- bad home inspection should never be a cause for panic.

Defining a Home Inspection

The American society of Home Inspectors defines a home inspection as "a documented, professional opinion of a home-based on a visual evaluation and operational testing of the home’s systems and components to determine their current condition."

Both sellers and buyers should have a

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Preparing Your Home to Sell

Getting a home ready for the real estate market takes a lot of hard work on the part of the seller. While it is very important to attend to the tasks that will help the home visually appeal to buyers, such as touching up the paint, cleaning carpets and getting rid of any clutter that may have accumulated over the years, there are also some other tasks that need to be done in order to ensure that the entire home selling process will be smooth and successful. 

Here are 7 MORE things to consider doing before listing your home for sale.

Please note, we are not attorneys. For information about title issues, liens, encroachments or other legal matters related to your property, always consult with a qualified attorney.

Checking for Potential Title

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Monitoring Credit Before Mortgage Application

It's not fun to be denied a mortgage, and credit glitches are not uncommon. But there are some proven ways to better your chances and sail through the mortgage approval process. 

Below are 7 things you must pay attention to if a buying a home and obtaining a mortgage is in your future. 

Please note, that we are not mortgage lenders. For mortgage advice specific to your home-buying needs & financial situation, always consult with a licensed mortgage professional.

Obtain Updated Credit Reports

Well in advance of the time you plan to begin your home search and getting pre-approved for a mortgage, order free credit reports from the three major reporting firms.

If you have limited knowledge of how to interpret the credit report, or if you have

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Home Improvements When Selling a Home

Every home seller wants top dollar for their house. Before placing your home on the market, sit down with a real estate professional and discuss the other home sales in your neighborhood to get a feel for what buyers want and will pay for. Unless your home is still considered new and move-in-ready or you've recently completed major renovations, it's likely a few home improvements will allow you to up the asking price.

Don't swing that hammer just yet, however. Knocking down a wall to create open space or hiring a contractor for a full kitchen renovation may improve the look of the home, but it may not always offer the best return-on-investment or ROI.

Which Home Improvements Offer the Best ROI When Selling?

Certain home improvements bring

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Hidden Costs of Owning a Home in South Bay

With so many millennials now entering the marketplace for the first time, it’s important to be fully educated when finally making that transition from renting to home ownership. Unlike renting, where you sign a lease, write a check every month for your rent, and that’s the end of it, many additional hidden costs come with owning a home that go far beyond just a simple mortgage payment. So before you sign on that dotted line and make one of the most important financial decisions of your life, make sure you’re factoring these additional expenses into your budget as well:

Home Owner's Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

If you’ve already been paying renter’s insurance, which is usually a good idea, the transition to homeowners insurance shouldn’t be too hard to swallow. Although

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Our new Redondo Beach listing is gorgeous! With breathtaking, expansive ocean views, this exquisite cape cod beauty is sure to blow you away! Situated high on top of the hill, this home boasts unobstructed panoramic ocean views of the whole South Bay all the way to Malibu. Dubbed the “Hotel California” by its current owners, it’s easy to see why their friends and family never want to leave.

The living space features a massive open-concept kitchen with two huge islands, perfect for entertaining. With an open floor plan that flows into the living room and out onto the expansive patio, this home is an entertainers dream. Off of the patio, you’ll have views of Redondo Beach, the Pacific Ocean, sweeping the skyline. With huge sliding glass doors,

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What’s a fresh coat of paint worth?  My husband and I found out exactly how much after purchasing our first tall and skinny home in Redondo Beach close to three years ago. We had a limited budget, and a long to-do list. After evaluating our list of future renovations, a fresh coat of paint seemed like the easiest and most cost effective way to quickly improve the look of our new home, inside and out.

Paint does so much more than freshen up an old outdated room. It can create a mood, an ambiance, an emotion. Nothing gives you more bang for your buck than a $40 can of paint and a hard day’s work (OK, I’ll be honest, we hired the pros to handle ours…and you would too if you had our ceilings). The exterior of our home was the original “brown on brown on

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We’re excited to announce that this Palos Verdes Estates penthouse condo will be coming soon. It’s one of the most affordable ocean view condos in the South Bay. Located on the top floor, you’ll be greeted with ocean views from every room! The kitchen and living space separate the two bedrooms, which grant them added privacy.

With a full bath on either side of the condo, each bedroom feels like a master suite. Higher ceilings add to the spacious feel of this open and airy condo. It has had a long time owner that has shown it years of love but it’s ready for a fresh coat of paint.

The large ocean view patio is perfect for summer BBQ’s. You can watch the breathtaking sunsets from your own living room or step out onto your patio and enjoy the ocean

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Remodeled Lunada Bay Home Coming Soon!

The recent buyers of the home at 2433 Via Anacapa in Palos Verdes Estates first bought it thinking it would be their forever home. They were prepared to remodel it to the nines and live in it for many years to come. Unfortunately, a week after closing escrow, they found out that they had to relocate out of state for the husband's job. One week later.

Although devastated at first, the buyers (now sellers) quickly decided to pour their love for the home into renovations before once again putting it on the market for new homebuyers. With unmatched taste, they have improved, fixed and updated much of what was wrong with the property previously. They've done extensive work both inside and out with very high quality

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